Payroll And Tax Compliance

We make running a business easier

Any business owner who employs staff knows that payroll can be time-consuming, costly and complex – and it’s even worse if it’s not processed correctly! That’s where Jette Payroll comes in. Our team, led by Jeffrey S. Bibby, CPA, will help you stay on top of your payroll and tax compliance requirements, without the hassle.

Fueled by Accountants

Our team aren’t just data entry clerks, we’re real, qualified accountants. That means if you give us a call you’re talking to a real person who can actually help, not an automated call center.

Removing the burden of Payroll

Running a business is hard work. You’re constantly juggling staff, customers, suppliers, finances and likely a family, all at the same time. The stress of keeping those plates spinning can add up, and make it a bumpy ride for a business owner. We’re here to help make your business run smoother. Our team can handle your payroll processing on a schedule that suits you (weekly, bi-weekly or monthly), as well as reporting, leave tracking, garnishments and more. We offer complete support for businesses in Rhode Island and right across America.


Our firm is led by accountants who have years of experience. We’ll handle your payroll accurately and keep you compliant with all federal and state tax requirements. Jette Payroll will file your W-2 forms at the end of the year and provide them to your employees as well. We use an online portal to communicate with you, get rid of paper and keep your documents secure.

If you want to save time on payroll while staying on the right side of the IRS – talk to us.

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